NEW!!! from now on you can find a container buddie on our site!!!!! Every month we ship a container to the hotspots!!!!

Of course we cannot foresee the further development, also the emergency measures of the individual countries of destination are not lever out. However, we expressly point out that for each of the ship departures indicated by us can still book, even if you're unsure if you're going to make the planned trip at all because protective measures can be expected in the country of destination are or will be aggravated. You can cancel your booking at any time until delivery at the port of loading. and transfer free of charge to earlier or later ships. Even a complete cancellation is then still possible free of charge. If you have already delivered your vehicle at the port of loading, and then cancel, only the costs for inbound and outbound delivery and possible storage fees. The freight costs according to our offer are only due when Your vehicle was definitely shipped. We do NOT charge a cancellation fee. We also do not require a deposit or advance payment. (Should a shipping company cancel or considerably delay a departure, or restrict/interrupt/stop all or part of the scheduled service, this does not, however, give rise to a claim for compensation)


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