NEW!!! from now on you can find a container buddie on our site!!!!! Every month we ship a container to the hotspots!!!!


Dear travelers,

for some time now, the port administration in Veracruz has been the responsibility of the Mexican military authorities. This has made the already lengthy import/export process even more unpredictable. has become even more unpredictable. There have been cases of non-loading, because customs appointments have not been given or have been postponed several times. Processing times of up to 14 days are common.

In order to counteract these unacceptable conditions, we are now working with a local with a local customs agent who has the appropriate permits to significantly accelerate to significantly accelerate the processing.

From now on the whole process will take only 1 day!

After you have handed over your vehicle at the terminal, you can you can continue your journey. The entire processing including customs control takes place without your presence! Even "Banjercito" is done by our partners. If you have paid a security deposit when entering Mexico, the sum will be finally transferred to the account named by you.

Also the total costs are within reasonable limits. US-$ 720,00 p.vehicle (car/off-road vehicle, van, camper, expedition truck up to 20ts)

Advance transfer to a German bank account is possible.

With this change we think we have improved our service on site to a maximum improved, and we are looking forward to your inquiries.

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