International maritime law is complicated. It can even cause problems for specialists in the field. Shipping companies are, of course, subject to certain liabilities relating to the damage or loss of transported goods. In some cases, legal action can drag on for years in faraway places (place of jurisdiction) only for a small portion of the true value to be awarded at the end.

The quality and dependability of ports and vessels has improved notably in recent years – especially in the RoRo business (brand new vehicles). The percentage of cases where insurance claims are made, especially those dealing with loss or severe damage is exceptionally low. Nevertheless, every offer we issue includes TRANSPORT INSURANCE COVERAGE in the price. It is almost impossible for the general public to obtain this type of coverage and the insurance we provide offers maximum coverage. If you discover damage to your vehicle when receiving the vehicle at the port of destination you should do the following:

Inform the staff at the port of destination. Inform the shipping agent and request assistance/ confirm their responsibility for your case. Contact us as soon as possible (we will then immediately contact the insurance company in Hamburg) As soon as the damage has been identified, the insurance agent at the port of destination should be contacted (This agent will initiate the process of the claim and, if necessary, provide emergency help).

You may wish to document your case with photos and reports as they may be of use during the claims process. To help with any possible claim process, a “Car Condition Report” is compiled at the time of drop-off at the port of departure. This can then be compared with the damage reported at the port of destination.