Upon receipt of the booking confirmation you will also receive all relevant information relating to the delivery of your vehicle – name of the terminal, address, date that you are to deliver the vehicle and contact details. If you arrive during office hours we will meet you to discuss the process – you won’t be left alone in a huge port! Information will be provided when you arrive at the terminal office (transfer to the allotted parking space, receipt of the vehicle, vehicle status report and the return to the terminal via the shuttle bus) and we are willing to accompany you every step of the way. Once you have delivered your vehicle to the port of departure your standard vehicle insurance is no longer valid. Vehicles that are shipped with us are automatically covered by an excellent transport insurance policy (see “Insurance”). This insurance covers the vehicle from the moment it is delivered to the port of departure until you receive it at the port of destination.

The keys should be left in the ignition and any other sets of keys should be taken to the port of destination. The tank should have enough diesel/gasoline to allow the vehicle to be driven onto the vessel. Towing is possible (incurring additional costs at some ports) but this should be avoided if possible. Once the vehicle has been dropped off, we will receive confirmation and will ensure that your vehicle’s details have been included in all shipping-relevant computer systems. At this point in the process an invoice will be generated and issued to you. This will allow you enough time to examine the invoice and make the necessary payment. (Full payment must be made by the time of the issuing of the necessary shipping documentation)