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Your vehicle is not on its way to your chosen port of destination. We recommend planning your trip to ensure you arrive at the port of destination BEFORE your vehicle. We also recommend contacting the representative at the destination to discuss how to proceed. Possible problems can then be dealt with in advance to avoid any delays accessing your vehicle. You will be required to show proof of identification and present your Bill of Lading. You will then be informed as to the next steps in the process. You should familiarize yourself with all customs-related and entry requirements for your country of destination. Once you receive your vehicle at the port of destination you MUST check the vehicle for possible signs of damage (including possible theft of parts or contents). You should only leave the port once you are certain that the vehicle and its contents show no sign of damage and/or theft – your transport insurance coverage for damage and/or theft is no longer valid once you have left the ground of the port and damage cannot be reported in retrospect. (see “Insurance”)

If the return leg of your journey is planned from the same harbor, we recommend that you familiarize yourself while waiting for the arrival of your vehicle with all of the necessary rules and terms relating to the delivery of your vehicle for the return leg. This can save a lot of annoyance and delays. We work only with renowned shipping lines for our transports. However, changes can be made to the original shipping plan (due to weather, strikes, problems at the port etc.). In the event that the ship arrives earlier or later and this leads to unforeseen costs (hotel, food etc.) you have NO right to compensation. This is why it’s important to contact the agent as soon as possible. Ships relay their exact position to the agent in the port of destination to allow them to prepare for the vessel’s arrival.


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