Simply fill out the form and send it to us. The most important information is the type of vehicle, dimensions, country/port of destination or the necessary date of arrival at the port of destination. Dimensions should include any additions to the vehicle (roof rack, ladders, bull bars, raised roof etc.). All vehicles are measured in the harbor taking into account the above-listed factors. Additional information or questions can be sent to us using the “Message” button.

Once all the necessary information has been received, we examine all available routes and calculate costs. During the working week we are normally able to provide an initial cost estimate within 24 hours. The offer will include ALL shipping-related costs covering the delivery at the port of departure to the arrival at the port of destination, including transport insurance (see “Insurance”) We provide a definitive final price with no hidden costs! Our offer remains non-binding until the time of booking. The price remains valid for approximately 90-days once the offer has been issued. Costs and routes may be subject to changes in some cases. We will provide information regarding changes BEFORE booking confirmation is sent. We can be contacted via telephone/e-mail at any time.