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North America/Central America the continent of freedom.
Once you ride along Route 66 with your own vehicle, spend the night in a motorhome at the foot of the Hollywood Hills, see the northern lights - without cold shock. That's it.

We say: No problem. Your dream is only a few clicks away.

In North America we call at the ports of Veracruz, Altamira, Baltimore, New York, Jacksonville and Halifax. If you are sure where you want to start your journey, the question is: When? Our cargo ships to Canada or the USA sail every week and have a transit time of just over two weeks. Ships sail to Mexico twice a month and take about 26 days to cross. We have listed the exact times for you below - very clearly. On the basis of your arrival data we will find a suitable ship for you. All we need for the booking is a copy of your vehicle registration document and your identity card. In a period of 10 - 4 days before departure you can hand over your motorhome or car to us in the port of departure - nice and flexible. Just like our departure ports: We offer different ports for the different destinations. These include Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Antwerp for the USA and Canada, or Bremerhaven and Antwerp for Mexico. You will also find an exact assignment of the possible departure ports below. So much for preliminary planning. What's the next step? You bring your vehicle to your port of departure at the agreed time. Your vehicle will be thoroughly inspected before departure and its condition will be documented in detail. So you can be sure that your motorhome or car arrives exactly as you left it. Only cleaner. Because this is also included with us: a thorough exterior cleaning. Your vehicle is in the best hands all the time and completely insured - even the contents. No cumbersome emptying, only you should stow everything safely. Once the shipment is completed, it's uncomplicated to continue. You get the invoice and after payment the shipping documents. Your vehicle will be brought directly to the destination of your choice and will arrive there at the agreed time. In order to make collection in a foreign country as uncomplicated as possible, we have a recommendation from so-called "Clearing Agents" for you. They will take care of the smooth handover on site. Of course you are free to take advantage of this service from us.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.


Destination portTransit timeDeparture timesDeparture ports
Veracruz25-27 days2 x per month Antwerpen Bremerhaven
Altamira25-27 days2 x per month Antwerpen Bremerhaven
Baltimore, MD15-18 days4 x per month Antwerpen Bremerhaven Hamburg
Halifax14-16 days4 x per month Antwerpen Bremerhaven Hamburg
Jacksonville, FL15-18 days4 x per month Antwerpen Bremerhaven Hamburg
New York City, NY15-18 days4 x per month Antwerpen Bremerhaven Hamburg

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