NEW!!! from now on you can find a container buddie on our site!!!!! Every month we ship a container to the hotspots!!!!


Dear World Travelers and Adventurers!

Are you dreaming of a long-term trip abroad, a safari, expedition or adventure, with your own vehicle but having difficulty planning how to transport your vehicle by sea? You’ve come to the right place!

Whether you have a recreational vehicle, off-road vehicle or caravan – we offer tailored and dependable shipping options worldwide, for all types of personal vehicles.

Caravan Shippers was founded to provide an essential service for the increasingly popular trip abroad in your own vehicle. Most of our customers are intrepid travelers who wish to plan almost every aspect of their adventure by themselves.

We tend to focus on the direct routes between Hamburg and Bremerhaven and the current hot-spots for adventure travel (USA & Canada, Africa and South America). We have 35 years’ experience in RoRo shipping and logistics, and direct contact with the world’s most dependable and specialized shipping lines.

Our Partners

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