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Aufgrund von Änderungen der Einfuhr Bestimmung in Kolumbien, lassen wir nun die Fahrzeuge vor der Verschiffung reinigen (Außenreinigung inkl.Unterbodenwäsche). Kennen wir bereits für Verschiffungen nach Kanada oder USA. Dieses wird auch mit einem Schreiben bescheinigt (cleaning certificate). Eine innen Reinigung bietet kein Terminal an, daher ist es wichtig, das Sie Ihr Fahrzeug von Innen reinigen, bevor Sie es anliefern.
Anbei das Schreiben der Reederei, mit denen wir vorzugsweise nach Kolumbien Verschiffen.

Regarding New Regulations from the Columbian Agricultural Institute (ICA) or the imports of used machinery, equipment and vehicles. Dear valued customer, Please be informed that the ICA has new regulations in place concerning imported cargo. Similar to other countries regulations regarding clean cargo (i.e. Australia and New Zealand), Columbia now requires imported cargoes to adhere to clean cargo standards in order to be allowed discharge at Port. The ICA - Colombian Agricultural Institute is responsible for ensuring the agricultural health of the country in order to prevent the introduction and spread of pests or diseases of plants and their products. The new resolution 00024690 from May 15 – 2018 established the phytosanitary requirements for the entry to the country of used machinery, equipment’s and vehicles. This resolution shall be applicable to all natural or legal persons, as well to the military forces that import used machinery, equipment and vehicles to the country. The vehicles of the Passengers and commercial transport that travel by their own motive force are excluded. The natural or legal persons and military forces that wish to import used machinery, equipment and vehicles must meet the following requirements:

  1. The used Machinery, equipment and vehicles must be clean internally and externally, completely free of soil, organic material, water deposits, seeds and plant remains in order to prevent the entry of and dispersions of pests.

  2. The cleaning of the used machinery, equipment and vehicles must be carried out in the country of origin and all possible contamination sites should be cleaned.

  3. Request prior to the importation the phytosanitary requirements document for import – DRFI.

  4. Request and submit to physical inspection the used machinery, equipment’s and vehicles to the ICA office of the border inspection of arrival, located in the port, airport or border, land crossing authorized o which should present the following documentations:

  5. Document that certifies the pre- set up of the used machinery, equipment and vehicles, where cleaning is certified.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the shipper for the cleaning of the cargo, as well as the required documentation. Höegh Autoliners reserves the right to decline transport of non-compliant cargo to Columbia. However, we will of course assist you to the best of our abilities to find suitable solutions to have your cargo prepared according to the required standards.


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